Virgin Territory


 I have been watching this show on MTV called Virgin Territory. While watching this weeks episode I started thinking, when did losing our virginity become something to aspire to? Like getting in to college or living on the beach when you’re older. Why is it that we have become so obsessed with losing our virginity? Christians as well as non-Christians have been so intoxicated by a society where sex is cool and not something to share with your spouse because they are the person you love. We have been so blinded by this that we had to make a show about virgins. Like we are some rare breed of humans or like one girl in the show called us “unicorns”, which the unfortunate truth is that’s what we have become. However, even though we are this “rare breed” of humans, what I found through this show is that many people are really just trying to find a way or a reason to lose their virginity. One girl on the show she said this “I want that when I have sex it’s with someone that I really like.” LIKE?! When did that become acceptable that we give a gift so precious from God, that is suppose to be for someone we are suppose to spend the rest of our lives with, to someone we like?

As Christians, although I made this mistake too, we should not be looking at shows for inspiration to feel better about being virgins. Because we are not like this world, like our present society, that is obsessed with having sex to be cool. Where 18 year olds in high school feel like the black sheep of their group because they have not had sex yet. Or like any 18-20- something year old young adults who are scared to admit to their friends they are not having sex because they are scared to be looked at like losers. We are not people who should want to have sex because they are scared to be made fun of because they might end up 30 year old virgins.

We are people who need to understand that sex is a gift that has been given to us by God to share with our spouse because that person is the one we love which is the reason we marry them. We should not be anxious to have sex because everyone else is doing it, or feel bad or like a weirdo because we haven’t yet. We have the revelation of what sex means. We should be seeking God and His love and when we do that He will help us not feel like outcasts in a society that tells us we are weird for waiting.


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