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I’m Not The Judge of That


So when I was thinking about writing last week I was going to write a post named “What’s Our Motivation?” because something that I saw at a church celebration. However, I got a reality check this past weekend that hit me hard and made me feel embarrassed as a Christian. I realized something else I need to change about myself. I continually judge other Christians that I know well.
Okay, yes I know that judging people is not the best thing to do but as Christians we should rightfully judge one another to help each other grow. But I realized that I did judged in the exact way that as a Christian I shouldn’t. I realized that the same as God forgives me my mistakes He forgives others too. You see what I found this weekend is that it is so easy for us to say we believe that God forgives us all and for us to pray that God changes us and others but when someone we know commits a sin it’s hard for us to let that sin of theirs go. I have to admit that I am guilty of the action of without words holding sins of Christians that I personally know. But the funny thing is that the only person it affects is me by doing this, because while the other person is asking God for forgiveness and asking Him to help them change I sit there and see only that one sin I heard about that one time and do not see the spiritual growth in them. After realizing this in myself I decided to change my ways and prayed and am praying for God to open up my eyes. But what I learned is that many Christians and we may think that we do not but we do sometimes wrongfully judge other we know based on past mistakes. And things like this stop allowing us to grow spiritually at a certain point because the truth is if we are judging in this way we are not really loving our neighbor because we are making it seem like God can forgive us our sins and redeem us but not others.

The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:31 ESV)

I believe that us Christians sometimes create this I mentality, where God only sees me, and only helps, saves, forgives and redeems me. And that’s not entirely wrong because God does do all these things for you and I as individuals, but that’s the thing He does all things for US as individuals. You get it? God treats everyone individually at the same time. The same way He forgives and redeems me as an individual, when I truly ask with an open heart, He does the same to my neighbor. But the problem is we pray for others but truthfully at to some extent sometimes feel like its only for us. It’s really hard to say and think that because everything God does for us is only for me or only for you, but He does this for every person all over the world. We have to remember that. Although God attends to us as individuals, He also attends our neighbors as individual as well. I think that’s why sometimes it’s hard for us to let go of others wrongs because although we know God forgives all we can’t imagine Him forgiving anyone but us or the same way as us.

for this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. (Matthew 26:28 ESV)

This past weekend made me think and grow a lot because even though I already know I’m not a perfect Christian I realized that I’m not even as good as a Christian than I thought I was And that is so important for us to realize over and over again. Because truth is we all sometimes think that we are solid in certain areas of our spiritual growth, but then God turns and says “eh nope still got a whole lot more growing to do”. I thank Him for that every time and although it makes me feel embarrassed for a moment I love that He loves me and wants me so close that Christ gives me the opportunity to see where I need help and ask Him for it. So I say this with a sincere heart, I want to ask everyone who I have ever wrongfully judged for their past sins forgiveness. I don’t know if y’all are ever gonna see this post or if most of y’all even know I’ve done this to you but I pray for God to forgive me on your behaves because I know who I have done this to and it’s wrong.
May we all self analyze ourselves because sometimes we do wrongfully judge others or have the “only I” syndrome, but with God we can change and become better Christians in Him.


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