Just Thinking

“Moms’ Night Out” Turned My Biggest Fear Into Something To Smile About


So yesterday I was watching Moms’ Night Out and you know when one of your biggest fears comes to life. Well that’s what happened to me while watching this movie. I know I’m like nowhere near having kids but one day I will. Ever since I was little when other girls were dreaming about being moms when they grew up I would cringe at the idea because I have always been scared of failing and failing as a mother is one of my biggest fears. As time grew I became more attached to the idea but the fear was still the same. This movie is probably one of the most important movies I will ever watch in my life time. It will be the one that I will watch over and over again when I’m feeling like I can’t handle my life and that I am failing or not cut out to be a mother. Because this movie goes though in a much crazier way (that I never expect to ever experience, hopefully) a moms journey through her own feelings of being not good enough. And towards the end they say something so important, Jesus loves us no matter what just for being us.You know we don’t have to be perfect He has us right where he wants us and loves us whether we mess up or not.

You know thinking about it that is not just important to remember when we are older with kids but at whatever point of life that you are in. Because every age brings its pressures that causes insecurities but Jesus loves us just for the fact that we breath.period. no special things we need to do to earn His love its already there. And at what ever point in life we are in he put us there because he knows that he can help guide us through it to come out great. That is just the most beautiful thing.


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