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Singing To Waiting Machines


About two weeks ago I was on hold for like half an hour with the IRS. The first half of the time I was complaining after like, because I am a impatient person. Then I believe the Lord spoke to me to put on music and start singing, so I did. I went on my iPad and clicked on this playlist I have on youtube with some of my favorite worship songs and started praising the Lord while on hold for the next 15 mins.

I thought this was cool in a way but at the same time I was a little confused and scared.But I thought “you know what okay and since all of this is recorded anyway maybe someone will hear me when they play this back and want to know about Jesus.” I was kind of scared though because of the fact you know singing about Jesus to a machine that is like a government thing but I then I was like oh well who cares. I really let myself get involved in the songs.

Now two weeks later I had to make a follow up call and while waiting (for another 30 mins) as soon as that elevator music came on I started singing my praises to God. And I am happy to say that everything is resolved. But what is really on my mind is that God really does bless us when we are faithful and give ourselves, trust, and praise Him at all times. You know I believe that if at that two weeks ago I ignored the thought and kept on complaining instead of singing to God, that He can, that He is glorious, and that He is my jailbreak, things would have happened differently.

That is the biggest victory for me today because my problems I know He can fix. But knowing that when I literally leave all my worries behind in every situation and just praise Him it restores and strengthens my faith when the fix He was already planning to do for me happens.

So I thank the Lord for this, restoring my faith and showing my that when I just don’t think about it and praise Him everything will be more than alright and when the problem is fixed and the victory comes it will make me feel happier because I know that it is God.

But I will sing of your strength; I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning. For you have been to me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress. Psalm 59:16

Now I just hope that someone listens to the songs on the machine and is touched and wants to know about the Lord.

I also decided that when I call a place where I see that the wait will be long I will sing to waiting machines. Hey you never know maybe it will strengthen not only my faith but someone else’s too.


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