Funerals Are For The Living


Over the last two months my family has had two people die that were really important to my mother and grandmother. It has been hard for them but this had me think while they were talking about life. This month I also finally re-watched Fault in Our Stars (I avoided it so I wouldn’t cry again) and when I watched it I heard something I guess I over looked the last time and it’s probably one of the most important things in this movie and it’s something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Hazel Grace says, “Funerals are for the living.”

Take a minute to think about this. “Funerals are the living.” That is one of the realest thing that a person can realize in their lifetime. After we die we don’t come back or get to hold off going to our eternities so that we can be walking around like ghosts at our funeral to see what it’s like. I mean truth is even if we could (although we can’t) we wouldn’t be able to control what happens anyway. I see funerals in two ways they are either a celebration of ones life or a reminiscence of ones life. The deceased doesn’t pre-write the eulogies that friends and family members give. Our friends and family go up and say what they feel about our lives, who we were and how we lived. So this brings up my point. Although we can’t control what happens or even see at our funeral we can do something to somehow determine whether we have a celebration or reminiscence.

What you do with your life while you are living will be what people say at your funeral. If you live your life only worrying about the problems you have problems, and only doing things for and because yourself, and only doing what benefits you all you will have a reminiscence. People are going to sit and cry while thinking about you. They will say that you were good and had a good life and that it’s sad that you are gone and that you should have had more time. And to me that is no way to be looked at. You know I don’t want my family and friends to say that I was good and to be crying because it seems like I didn’t have enough time.

Instead live life everyday seeking God and being happy with what He has given and done for you. Spend your days exulting Him and praising Christ in every situation. Spread His love, grace, and His word in everything that you do. Live with gratitude and look at the brightside and find joy in every new day. And I believe when you die that people will speak of how you were a vessel of the Lord and they will not be able to stay sad because they won’t be thinking about what you are missing but how God used you in their lives and that you are with Him.

Life is way to short to spend worrying and just spend days being alive. We need to live life with every moment doing our best and doing everything we can to be closer to God. Opening ourselves up to let Him use us and work in us and through us everyday. Humbling ourselves in His presence and live everyday looking up to the Son and we won’t have to really worry when the bad days come.

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.1 Peter 5:6-7

When we die that’s the end. Everything we did and how we lived our lives cant be changed or fixed. So live everyday seeking God and everything He has for in store and live life with joy and to the fullest. Because funerals are for the living and yours shouldn’t be a mourning place but a place where you are remembered with joy.


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