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Dress Code: Sexism or Protection?


Over the last year there has been uproar in the media about girls and their parents fighting against school dress codes. This has mostly been in high school and granted I graduated high school two years ago reading these posts and stories I got mad… at first. I’m no feminist but I was upset for the same reasons many people have been: 1) It makes it seem like men’s (well boys’) actions of talking in a degrading way toward girls is okay. 2) It is telling girls they are the problem. 3) Girls should be able to wear what they want without being reprimanded if boys get to.

However while reading the other day about a story God spoke something on my heart against my anger at the school boards. At first I had no idea what He wanted to tell me and I sat for a couple of days and finally got the answer.


When He told me this word I started looking at the reasons that made me angry diffrently

Why? Well because God made me realize that these are the reasons that girls need to be protected from.

Now I look at the reasons like this:


It is protection to hopefully make it so that there is one less reason that boys have to degrade girls. No it does not mean that boys’ actions are okay or that I am justifying them but boys will do what they want anyway. This has to do with their personal character (which again is wrong. I do agree) but the way girls dress can hopefully be less of a factor with these dress codes.


It does not mean that girls are the problem. By having these dress codes it doesn’t mean you’re wrong because of the clothes you wear. The clothes you wear aren’t wrong but some guys don’t know how to act or control themselves and will do what they want. Like I said this doesn’t mean it is right but the dress codes help to try to make it less of a factor. Stop trying to make it all about it being against you, they are not trying to say girls are horrible people because of what they wear. The schools are just trying to try to make the school safer.


It is not about wardrobe freedom. The school board did not make these dress codes and the staff does not enforce it because they don’t want girls to express themselves. It’s not about that! But can I be real for a second, like brutally honestly real. Girls, there is a time and place for every outfit. Like I said it’s not your fault because of your outfit and yes boys should not say things or do things based on your outfit. But truth is dress codes are there because you should not walking into school with you stomach showing or shorts so short they should be daisy dukes. At school, especially high school, you don’t have to dress like you are working in an office but you can’t dress like you are pool side on vacation or out for a night on the town. Like I keep saying just because you wear something does not mean boys have the right or make you the reason however there is an outfit for every place. Just like everywhere else in your life you have to know what not to wear. For example if you had an office job you probably will not be going to work in sweat pants. So at school you shouldn’t be wearing clothes meant for a beach vacation in Hawaii or like you’re going out to a night on the town in New York or the opera for that matter. But back to the main reason it is not about you not being able to express yourself through your wardrobe it is just that they want to be able to try to protect you and not have clothes be a reason.

Girls we (I mean I’m not in high school anymore still) need to see these strict dress codes as protection instead of rules. Schools have been hearing about these things that have been happening to girls and women lately or stories about situations being brought to light and want there to be one less reason for them to happen. Yes I know that sometimes schools can go to the extreme like getting suspended for your shoulders showing. But you know what most times when people in authority see an issue that is dramatically rising they enforce drastic measures because they don’t know how to protect the party in danger. And right now that’s what’s happening.

Again I say I am no feminist but I do agree with you all that most of the ways that girls are treated has a negative turn and it is wrong. But I don’t know if fighting the system the way that it has been fought is going to work. Because if you haven’t seen in history or even with authority relationships recently in our generation the more you fight back with yelling and fighting, the stricter things get. Yes, the injustices and hurtful things should be brought to light but after you should not fight the system with yelling and writing rude things on the internet, but give ideas to change or make it better. Instead of fighting against authority try to understand that what they are doing is trying to help you and keep you safe, however their methods are not the best because they are still trying to figure out the best way themselves. So why not fight with authority and let them know that this strict dress codes way is not working to stop the problem and give them ideas for other things to do. You are the ones who know the best way because these things are happening to you.

I know I’ve said a lot but in the end I just sum it up with; Stop fighting against authority for a minute to see that these new dress code rules is schools way of trying to protect you. And since these method is not working try instead of fighting these protection rules in an ugly way work with the authority to find a better way to stop the problem that made these rules arise in the first place.


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