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21…Growing Up But Not Growing Old


I turned 21 today!!! I am what I like to say officially an official adult. And I have to say this is the most confusing age turn. I know I probably say this about every “life changing” age, you know 13,16,18, obviously having been through all those ages I know they are confusing (just ask anyone who has either known me through all those ages or knew me in just one. I was a mess in every stage in different ways). But out of all turning 21 has taken the prize (for now at least). Why? Well you are officially an official adult! I mean yes I know that here in the U.S you legally turn into an “adult” at 18. But most people don’t really expect for you to get a full time job and move out and get your own place to live, and pay all your own bills yourself. (Now understand that I’m not saying that someone can’t do all those things at 18 because I have seen many who have and it’s amazing that they can and I believe that anyone who applies themselves and are aligned with God in the same vision and they work hard it can). And honestly if you were anything like me at 18 I wasn’t ready to do any of those things, I might have wanted to but I definitely was not ready, I didn’t have the knowledge to be able to do it. So although the government says so I think that 18 is a pre adult age. Where you are excepted to have a job or/and further your education so you can master what you want to be when you get older, and so that you can start little by little everyday gaining more responsibility for your own life and learn to take care and do things for yourself. But at 21 that’s it! Now that doesn’t mean that you will never need help or have to depend on anyone because should be able to take care of yourself and you are an actual adult now, don’t get it twisted, but at 21 usually you are starting to be looked at by society, family, and even yourself like this is it time get into life.

This is where the confusion comes in. You know you are grown up enough to take responsibility for your life and you have been spending at least the last three years learning and gaining knowledge and wisdom. And you feel like okay I’m 21 now I need to start to head toward a good job in the next year or two, so I can get my own place and pay my own bills and take care of myself. And in the mist of all that you are also thinking “ what does this mean now? Am I old? I’m only 21.” Feeling like you if you start to think about your future in that way that if you will be giving up your life. You feel like you should be out all night every night, just seizing the days you have left before life just becomes about the motions. But somewhere inside you know that you are to old to be acting like a careless kid. Then on the other hand you are seeing all these people who you either graduated with you or who are celebrities who are your age and see that it seems like they have it all figured out. They are getting married and starting families, they already have good jobs and internships or have them lined up for the next year that are in their dream field. And they have all the things that come with being able to support themselves. And you think “Why am I stuck, I have been working hard and I feel like I can do all those things too. Here I am already 21, I should have all those things figured out or at least in the process of having it there soon. If I haven’t made it or gotten there by now I never will.” Now you see why 21 can be confusing? Well at least it was for me when I thought about all these things when I thought about turning 21.

But (after reading all that stuff isn’t it good to read a but) those thoughts are not what 21 are entirely. Yes 21, most of the time comes with all those things, but our mistake is looking at all of them separately. As if we do one thing the other is completely out of the question. Or if we aren’t where others are in life we will never get there or we will be missing out. 21 is not about growing old, it’s about growing up!!

Turning 21 means having a lot more responsibilities. We will be looked differently whether we want to or not. We are no longer children and will not be excepted to act as such. But that does not mean that we will never have fun again. We find the balance in that work and play. No ever said that we had to choose one or the other I don’t understand why people think that. But now let me make myself clear, fun does not mean getting plastered every night or on the weekends, losing your common sense, and waking up not knowing what happened or regretting it because you actually remember and are embarrassed that you did it. That is not fun!!!! That I’ve been told is giant headache literally! But fun is making memories with people who you love, laughing, making and taking adventures together, staying up all night just talking enjoying watching the sky go from full of stars to have the sun come up. And we can have and do all of that and still work hard to have a prosperous and successful life and achieve the purpose God has given us.

We shouldn’t be scared to grow up. Growing up all it means is that we have gained knowledge from the Lord to be able to live the life God has for us in the right direction, which has both the success of hard work and the entertainment of living. I must admit that a majority of my life I have gone around saying that I will be the female version of Peter Pan I will not get older than 20. And i still believe that but what I mean by this is that I will not stop being childlike not that I will be childish.

Also for those who feel like they are to old to do things they always dreamed of, to fulfill the promises God told you, to old to achieve your purpose. Don’t! You are growing up not growing old! You are still young enough. You’re as young as you’ll ever be. There is still so much to live, trust God and His timing. Just because you haven’t gotten married or to the career yet doesn’t mean that you never will. I had to learn this that you can’t compare your life and the places that others are to where you are because we are all different.

I’m excited about turning 21 because God is showing me that it is time for give in and be excited about grow up. The more I grow up the more wisdom from God I will receive and everything that comes from the Lord is what I need for life because He gives me the wisdom to live life the best way that He has for me.

Wisdom is with the aged,and understanding in length of days.- Job 12:12 



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