Identity and Worth

Giving Approval A Good Name



My professor once said,

“We all need approval from time to time but we can not rely on it because it is fleeting. But God’s approval is eternal”


We as humans have given the word approval or acceptance a bad name. Like as if being accepted or being approved by others is a bad thing. But what my professor said made it ring in that this thinking we have of the word is not true.

We cannot make it into a bad thing because acceptance is how we make friends, without accepting people or being accepted by others we would only be alone. Acceptance and approval are good, it helps make our days better. Another women at school once said “you know it’s funny women don’t dress well for men to compliment, we do it for other women to compliment” and how true is that? And she didn’t say it in a bad way and it’s true, it’s not bad. It feels good to have friends compliment you, to have them approve and express their acceptance. It makes us feel loved and makes our days brighter. See the problem that we seem to have though is that people start doing exactly what the first part of that quote is telling us not to do. Rely on the approval of others.

We have been giving approval a bad name because we have been seeking the approval of others instead of seeking the approval of God. We have been making the approval of our friends our rock instead of making the approval of the Lord our rock. When we know ourselves in the approval of God, and we have our identity in Him and His acceptance in us, we won’t need the approval of others. So when we don’t get accepted or when our friends, family or strangers don’t show their approval or acceptance of us or what we are doing, it won’t matter; but when we do receive it, it will be a bonus for us.


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