6 Ideas To Spend A Valentine’s Day With Friends…Aka Galentines



Well so its Valentine’s weeknd! Chocolate, candy, hugs, kisses, fancy dinners, dressed fancy… or if you do not have a date it’s a  night with movies and ice cream. But why spend the day alone? Grab some friends and have fun together. I recently (like last week) was introduced to a new word “Galentine” which is a word for basically instead of spending the day with your love, you spend it with the gals. Clever huh?

So whether you are a homebody or a girl who loves to be out and about, here are some things you can do with friends and have your Galentine’s day.

For The Home Bodies:


Who doesn’t love baking? Well a lot of people actually, but I do!! So if you are like me, grab some of your gal pals and look up some recipes, or if already have some of your favorites bring them out and bake.

Try baking something y’all have never made before for a little bit more of a challenge. Here are some recipe ideas from what love to make

* Grandma Fowlers Apple Pie:

From the lovely youtuber Blair Folwer. Super easy to make and so delicious. And gives plenty of time for conversations.


* Banana cookies!!

These are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super healthy and delicious, and Super Easy


* Individual Key Lime Pie!!

These I have not tried yet but why not do it this weekend! Because they look amazing and who doesn’t love key lime pie?!


Watch movies!!

Who doesn’t love a good movie? These are some of my favorite.


* Romantic (if you feel like a good cry…JK)

– Can’t Buy Me Love

– Say Anything

– Pride and Prejudice

– Endless Love (2014)

– Valentine’s Day (it has both T. Swift and Taylor Lautner…Ummm Yesss please)


* Comedy

-50 First Dates

– How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days

– The Proposal

– Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

– Mean Girls


* Animated!!!

– Anything Disney!!!! Case closed.


* Drama

– The Help

– God’s Not Dead

– To Save A Life

– Step Up 2


* Documentaries (If you feel like being educated…sort of. I mean I love them, there just might be some of ya’ll that do too:D)

– Beware Of The Christians

– One Nation Under God

– Endless Summer

– Living On One Dollar




Creativity… never my strong suit but now with the lovely Pinterest I have found a love for D.I.Ys. It is super fun to do with friends make homemade gifts, decorations for your apartment or dorm. And usually they look more expensive then they really were to make. So here are some projects that are simple easy and fun.


* Encouraging quote for your walls

Super simple but can make awesome decorations that will make you smile every time you do see them.


Buy a couple of pictures frames (the super cheap ones at target!), different colors of acrylic paints (any color you desire), and any color cardboard paper you want.


Now the fun part!! Paint the frames the color you want with the paint, and while they dry y’all write encouraging quotes or your favorite verses. Then stick them in the picture frames and ta-da a super cute and inspiring decorations to make you smiles and feel great everyday.


* Grown Up Coloring Book!!

Not only for children anymore!!! And I mean this is really not a craft but still…when I heard about this I was super excited! Who didn’t like coloring? So just buy some books or buy one and make copies of the pages, some markers, crayons, glitter pens, and get creative!!


* DIY Pintrest Board

Just look up DIY on Pintrest and you will surely find something to fit your taste 😀



For The Out and About Kind Of Girl:


Girls who want to dress up

Grab a bunch of your single friends (like 4 or more), put on you best dresses and go out to dinner. Sometimes the best dates are your friends. Laugh and celebrate together.


Girls who just want to have fun

Do activities that are exciting and fun.


* If you guys like nature:

-Go on a hike

-Go around town taking pictures


* If you guys want to go out at night:

-Go bowling

-Find a place doing karaoke


Go To The Movies

It’s practical and so it’s much better going to watch the new romantic movie (The Choice) with your friends so you can cry (I cried twice!! It was beautiful) with your friends freely and not have to worry about your make up running.


If all else fails: 

You guys just turn on some of your favorite party songs and have a dance party in your apartment,room, or dormroom in your pj’s!!!!! So Much Fun!!!


With all this remember that just because you don’t have a date on Valentines Day, its okay you have gal pals! And always remember that your life is in God’s hands so don’t worry about a thing and just enjoy life, your friends, and the Lord!


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