Procrastination Is Not Our Best Friend…How To Let Go.


Midterms are finally over for me! I am so excited! I learned a lot about myself and what I need to change about myself during this week. A little back-story I have always said procrastination is my best friends and only now do I understand what a problem being a procrastinator really is. I left all my books to read three weeks before they were due and I stayed up all night trying to write papers for them. It was not fun and it made me realize that I really need to stop.

Procrastination is an ugly habit that only brings negativity into our lives. It makes us stressed; it causes us to have late nights some with no sleep at all which causes us to be cranky the next couple of days. We become disorganized and our work, most of the time, comes out sloppy or half done. And we can start looking bad to others. People start looking at us like we do not care about the tasks we have, whether it’s the job or class or something someone trusted you to do. Or they think that we are not dedicated. Over all, at least what I see to be the biggest problem with people who procrastinate or at least it was for me is that procrastination is a just a form of laziness. We take our laziness to the work we really should be doing and give it a better name. And we need to stop.


Here are some things I have been doing and will continue to be doing so that I can stop being a procrastinator.

  • Sleep earlier:

I know being in college that is probably something that is just difficult to do. But one of the biggest reason that we stay up till late is that we stay up on our phone even after we have already gone to bed. So start by putting your phone away in a different part of the room or if you sleep with it next to you (like I do because I share a room with someone else) put it on do not disturb and turn the screen over at least 20 mins before you go to sleep.

  • Wake up earlier:

I know. Ugh. I feel the same way most days but it does start getting better and you start to feel so much better. It makes the day seem longer and you get an early start to all the things you have to do (in college we get so busy that an early start is actually amazing). I know that this can be difficult and it probably makes you tired even thinking about it, which is why you don’t start right off the bat so you don’t give up by the second day. Ease your way into it! I learned this from the Youtuber Kalyn Nicholson. Start by putting your alarm 15 minutes earlier than you normally wake up and then like every two days put it 15 more minutes until you get to the time you want. It really works (I suggested it to my friend who was having this problem to and she was just talking about how well it was working for her)

  • Get a planner:

Writing down everything you have to do that week helps so much. From what you have going on at work like what meeting is what day or if you are part time what days you work and the times, to what you are doing in school like what chapters you are reading per day for certain classes or what paper you want to write what day and which days you are doing research for it, to what’s happening in your personal life like laundry or grocery shopping or cleaning the apartment or friend dates and what days you are doing each. Keeping on those things organized and already written down makes us feel accountable to get them done. And gives us time to do it and if for some reason we don’t finish we have time before things are due to finish.

  • Keep your areas clean:

I know that throughout the week we are in and out and without even wanting to we tend to get a little messy or disorganized in one area or another. But do your best to keep everything clean and in place. Because I know that at least for me, when my area where I do work is messy or my apartment is messy I don’t want to do anything and discouraged to get the work I have to do done. Messiness brings out laziness. A clean and organized space makes you feel happier and better about sitting down and doing the work or reading the book. Not only that having a messy or disorganized area is also an act of procrastination just instead of doing it in your work it’s in your own personal life.

If for some reason you can’t be a place all that is organized and clean all the time (or at least most of the time), I mean you might have roommates that are disorganized that’s happens and its fine, just keep your area as organized as possible and when you go do your work go somewhere that is.

  • Be consistent:

Everyday keep doing these things, and any other things that help you. Because it might be hard at first but if you keep on doing it everyday one day soon it will just be part of your normal everyday routine.



These are just some things that I myself have started doing that have been helping me. I realized that it is important to stop procrastinating in my schoolwork because it starts to leak into my everyday life, and it really is true the way you do one thing is the way that you do everything. So start by not procrastinating for school or for work, and you will see how different your everyday life becomes and how much better you will feel about everything. And the better you feel the more things you can do. (I know that was cheesy but it’s true)


“The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.” Proverbs 13:4


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