Spring Break Ideas If You Are Staying On Campus

spring break

It’s Spring Break!!!

Planes. Hotel rooms. Sunshine. Palm Trees. Beaches.

Or…your car. Dorm rooms. Some sun. Same old traffic. Same city you’ve been in for at least the last three months in you are staying on campus for spring break (a.k.a Me)

But who says that staying on campus has to be boring?? Crazy people that’s who!

There are so many fun and practical things to do, with friends or alone! Don’t be discouraged!!


Outdoor Activities: Just because you aren’t in Florida, Hawaii, Fiji, or another tropical place doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t shine!

  • Go on a hike…or a walk!

My friends whenever we have a free day like to go to White Rock Lake and just walk or sit and take in the beauty of a great sunny day. Find a park you have never been to before, grab some friends, comfortable clothes, sneakers and just enjoy nature.

  • Have a “photo shoot day”!

Grab your friends (especially the one with the best photography skills), put on your favorite, cutest, or hippest outfit and go take some awesome, funny, adorable, memorable pictures. Go downtown, the artsiest district in your city, a park, or a garden and just have fun with it. (My friends and I one of these days will be going to Deep Ellum in Dallas and are going to make a photo shoot day out of it.)

  • Go to the zoo…or aquarium!

I love animals especially elephants, so you better believe that one of these days I will totally be going to the zoo especially. It is fun! Make a day of it, grab some friends and take some awesome selfies with those elephants or you know whatever animal is your favorite.

  • Just get outside!

Why waste beautiful sunshine by staying in? Grab a book or your computer and just get outside. Instead of reading or writing in your room go to the park grab a bench or a picnic table and just enjoy. Or go sit in the outdoor tables at Starbuck and just enjoy your coffee and the sun (or whatever your favorite coffee shop is in your city). But just don’t stay in all week.

Indoor Activities:

  • Spring Cleaning!

I know cleaning on break? Yes! Not your room (I mean unless your dorm is a mess then yes please do!), your closet! I’m sure that there are clothes that you brought with you to campus that you haven’t touched all year and they are just in case clothes. And that is not bad but why not take a day and sort through seeing what fits and what doesn’t and what you know you will never use no matter how make times you try to convince yourself that you will. Pack them up and give them to charity or sell them to a local thrift shop (it might not be much but any extra for a college student is a blessing).

  • Have a movie day!

That’s right you read it right have an entire day dedicated to movies! Either alone or grab your friends, grab your favorite movies, and your onesies, popcorn and sweets and only move off that couch to change movies and get more food! : )

  • Bake!

This one is probably my favorite and I mean its not like super exciting or life changing but it is super fun. Make something you have never tried before or make classics, then share them with people you know that on your floor or from class that you are campus too. Then make some coffee or tea and sit with them. You might just brighten up their day and you could possible make a really great and amazing dear friend.

  • Read!

I know it’s break Brenda do you not know what that means. But I’m sure there is a book that you have been wanting to read just for fun or a book that you need to read for classes that you can get out of the way now ( I know I do).


Most importantly this is break, rest. I know how stressful college can be. Early classes, papers and books all do due to be done or read on the same week. It is good to have some time to just rest. So don’t forget to do that! We get so caught up in having time to do all these things that we didn’t get because of school that we forget to actually rest and not only that but rest in the Lord and you will be refreshed to be able to have the strength to get through the rest of the semester.

He gives power to the faint,and to him who has no might he increases strength.Even youths shall faint and be weary,and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary;they shall walk and not faint.– Isaiah 40:29-31



(This is some thing that I am say first to myself and felt like sharing)

While on break don’t forget to keep seeking the Lord. I know we can be so distracted with doing activities and rest that we forget to take some time to come to God not on purpose but it just ends up we look at the time and say wow where has the day gone. So everyday take time whether it’s the morning when you wake up or at night before going to sleep. And through out the day by praising Him with songs or for a minute while outside thanking Him for the beauty of the day.

Enjoy and Keep On Living!!!  




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