Live Life On Purpose

Living life on purpose

I have to admit something…

I have been a fraud guys…okay maybe that’s a strong word

Let me explain myself not in a bad guy, I need to go to jail way but I haven’t been doing what the name of my blog is…



My friend said something last week to me that has been on my mind for the last couple of days to write about, she said (something like this) “I want to start living life on purpose”

At first I was “what?” We talked about it more and she explained herself saying, that we always see people on social media doing fun things and we just sit there hoping that it will happen. But we never get up and do things. Exciting things and Kodak moments are not just spontaneous. You catch a spontaneous moments but where you are and what you are doing is usually planned. Tired of waiting for life to happen, and start make life happen.

I have had this ringing in me because when she said this it hit me, that is me too! I kind of just expect for something exciting to be sprung on me and I’ll just go with the flow and hope to catch a great moment.


Life isn’t like that…

I mean yes sometimes that does happen but it won’t happen everyday! Or most days really.


What made this conversation even come up was because last week we decided to go out and walk around Downtown Dallas and take some pictures. And we got some of the most amazing pictures of us and our friends just walking and having some fun. But she realized then, and shared with me, if we hadn’t decided to do that, planned on doing it, those moments and memories would have never been made.

I think that some people (at least I know I do or used to) sometimes think all the best things in life need to come when you least expect it. And that’s not true at all because then you end up sitting on your couch day after day just hoping and watching life go by. Like all those people we see on instagram who travel to crazy amazing places or to coffee shops, the park, around town but end up having like amazing photos where it looks like it was just a spontaneous day. Yeah, those people planned those trips and those everyday outings and decide take pictures to capture the memories.

Go Make Memories!

The ones we intend on making are the ones that mean the most because in those are where the unexpected wonderfully amazing moments happen.


So I say starting now I will live life on purpose, make plans to make intended memories, and hope that an unexpected moment happen but if they don’t I’ll record the one I planned to make because that is just as amazingly beautifully memorable than anything else!!

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.― Eleanor Roosevelt


Here are some of the pictures from the day we planned…


Keep On Living!!



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