5 Gifts For Your Very Special Mom

Mothers day

Mother’s Day is coming up!! A day to show the lovely women who gave birth to you some extra love and appreciation!

Here are some gifts for her…

1) Mason Jars filled with her favorite things:mason-jar-gifts-for-mom.jpg

Got this idea Take things that your mom loves and put them in a mason jar. Examples: Spa Jar, Candy Jar, Crafts Jar. Whatever it is the makes her happy but in the jar and give to her as a gift, she will love that you thought of all the little things!!

2) Customized Mugs


Found this awesome idea on Pintrest (where else). Super simple and totally cute! A great gift for any mom who is like mine a great lover of the coffee…or tea. A way to remind her of your love for her every morning, or afternoon, or night, or all three.


3) Complement Jar or Jar of Love


This super sweet idea I got from It is a nice way to tell your momma all the wonderful things you love about her and to give her something that can give her a boost on days she is feeling down or blue.


4) Write a Letter or Card


(photo from Pintrest)

This one I think is the most fantastic!! Just write your momma a sweet letter. One that comes from your heart, just let her know everything you mean to her. Because honestly that is the true point of getting a gift is telling her how much you love her. What better way than to get it down on paper. Let it all out! Make it sweet! Make it something that she will keep forever!… and if you are really creative make a video to show her, so that she can hear you say the sweet words as much as she wants.


5) Cook Her Dinner


(photo from Pintrest)

Moms always make the best dinner…well most of the time. Show her that you picked up what she taught you and cook her something delicious. Look up her favorite recipe and make it for her to celebrate all the wonderful meals she has made for you.


In everything no matter what you do or what you give her, this mothers day just let that awesomely, amazingly, wonderfully, beautiful women know that you love her!


Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.



Keep On Living!!


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