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Turning Hollywood Into Holywood: Outreach Experience


What a crazy crazy month May was! In the best was possible!!

It’s been about a week that I have been back from Los Angeles, California. What a wonderful place full of life and sunshine. But I wasn’t there for sightseeing because there is more death and personal storm clouds then anything else. I went with a team of 39 college students whom the Lord put on their hearts a love to see Hollywood turned into Holywood; people who spent 6 months praying for LA and its people. Praying for their joy to be restored and for the Lord to make Himself real to the residents and tourists through His love that we share to them.

Now by death I don’t mean the physical kind I am talking about emotional, moral, and imaginational. Crazy to think that in a place where people go to follow their dreams there is so much gloom. But that’s exactly why we went because God wants to transform that place and take everything that it is negatively known for and turn it into something that reflects God instead. On the first weekend we were there

My team mate made a reference to Green Days song Boulevard of Broken Dreams for Hollywood Boulevard based on a conversation we had and right at that time the Lord spoke to me telling me that He wants to make that place the Boulevard of Endless Dreams.

Okay enough with the sad stuff let’s talk about how God just poured down His love on people in that place…

We stayed at this amazing place with some of the best people!! The Oasis of Hollywood, where we were part of their Urban School of Evangelism. So for two weeks we had someone speak to us about evangelism, then we would take what we learned and put it to practice all over Los Angeles! A different place everyday and we hit some places twice (once each week), so much amazingness happened!!!



And baptisms in the Holy Spirit!

Two Stories (even though all of them were amazing!)


  1. One of the guys on our team wanted to meet someone who had the same lifestyle that he used to b.C (before Christ). And that’s exactly who the Lord brought to him. We were walking down the street and some guy asked if we new where to buy weed. Not being Hollywood residents and also non-smokers we said no. My teammate starting up a conversation with this kid tells him about how he stopped smoking after he found Jesus. The next week my teammate sees this kid at Venice Beach after another conversation with him the boy accepts Jesus and gives up all his drugs and says he wants to be all in committed to following the Lord so he was no longer going to smoke or sell weed…

How crazy good is that!!!


  1. We were at Skid Row for the second time just talking and loving on people, praying for anyone who wanted it. As we are doing this is a lady comes up to us and asks if we are Christians and praying for people, because she wants prayer for safe travel. She tells us this amazing story of God grace and love on her life that she came into enough money (after winning a case) to get out of Skid Row and move to Los Vegas to take care of her mother. She tells us how she is 58 and how she had been living in that place for 20 years and had been blessed by God with the amazing chance to get out and start her life again, but mostly importantly stay out of there because most people can’t get out, they are stuck. So we pray for her travel, and her new journey of life. But most importantly we speak life into her, be God’s vessels so He could remind her of the dreams He placed in her and how much He loves her. She walked up happy and thankful to the Lord, but she walked away knowing that the Father loves her and will always take care of her…

That was the most touching story to me.


The Lord really moved in LA through us. There are so many other amazing stories that I could share about God moving but then you’d be reading all day. I’m just grateful that not only I got to be apart of such an amazing team and go to my favorite place to just live for Jesus with them. But I’m extremely grateful that God would choose someone like me to speak through to show His love for the people!!


If any of you ever get a chance go on an outreach, it will change your life!! It’s like one of our speakers was saying all we have to do is go; make ourselves available to the Lord and He will use us!


Keep On Living!!!


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