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Turning Hollywood Into Holywood: My Experience


I still cannot get over how amazing Hollywood was!!! The one place that I’ve wanted to be in since I was little. So this post is a little different then the last this is more about my experience at the outreach.


The Lord completely astonished me. On top of using me to spread the love, He also spoke into my life. He grew me in ways that I have been asking for and also in ways that I didn’t even know I needed it. He also answered questions in which I had been seeking the answers for years. He also reminded me of promises that He had made to me years ago.


Okay I’m going on a rant (although it is a good kind) but this trip has changed my life!


First the Lord used me


One day we were at Skid Row talking and praying for a guy who was coming back to the Lord. When we were done some guy, some random guy turned to me and said “I remember you, thank you for praying for me that day. It changed my life.” I mean I never met him and I mean he was a little not all there mentally but my friend was with me when it happened and after he turned and said “He must have just seen the love of God shine through us.” I choose to believe that because it was something that we prayed for and I believe that that is exactly happened. And to me that was a turning point after so feeling low during the trip. The Lord really used that not only for others but also for me.


The Lord also showed me His love for others. We would be talking to people just having normal conversations or telling them about Jesus and as I spoke I found my heart being filled more and more with love for the complete strangers I was talking to. The joy that I had when they really had open ears and open hearts to hear about Jesus was different. For me it was new because I always new we were suppose to love one another even strangers but I never felt love for a stranger that was the same that I did for my family or my friends. I believe that as I was speaking to those people the Lord was filling me with His love for them and that as I spoke they didn’t hear me or feel my love but the love of the Father. But I also believe that God not only did that for them but also for me so that I can see the beauty it is and the joy and love that Lord feels when He speaks and looks upon His children. That to me was one of the most beautiful experiences.


But the Lord also spoke a lot to me personally!

He used the place I’ve always been in love with to reveal to me, remind me, and confirm to me everything I have been worried about in life.

I have always wanted two things since I was 7; 1) to get married 2) to move to LA.

While one this trip He answered both on those questions that had been on my mind especially in the last two years. But now my mind is at ease. He used different ways to speak to me but I know how some areas in my future are going to look like even though I may not know the detail of how it will go down. But that is okay because I know that if God let me know about it that no matter the processes to get there it will turn out great!


Again say to you guys, if you ever get a chance to go on a mission trip, go!!!! It will change your life!!


Keep On Living!!!


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