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Nobody’s Perfect

Nobody's PerfectIt’s been a tough week!! Not just for me but for everyone that I know. I was venting about life to my roommates and one of them said something to me that has changed my view for the rest of the week and probably for the rest of my life.

It is something that I know, something that I grew up hearing, and something that I always see as a reminder on social media. But for some reason it slipped my mind when all these things were happening. What she said was summed up in these words “Everyone is going through something, the way the that they react to the situation is different.”

This hit me hard. It was honestly a reality check for myself. Here I was complaining about others and how they treat other when most likely a lot (not all) of the people who were around me are probably reacting to their stressful situations differently.

Her reminding me of this reminded me that I should be spending my days not stressing out and complaining about others but seeing if they are okay and praying for them.

Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others. – Philippians 2:4

This reminds me to not think just about me. Because just like my friends and I had pretty rough days so did the people around us but non of knew about the other because we want to show that we are all okay and act like things are affecting us. So when things happen I shouldn’t just look at me and why I’m upset but to also try to look at the person and why they did it because there might be a deeper reason.

Also that I have to stop being so selfish and really start loving others like God tells us to. Take time to see how people are doing because they might seem fine but in reality they are crying in the side waiting for someone to see. This reminds me that no one is perfect and I need to stop complaining about them and start getting to know them.


This week was rough but the Lord is so amazing even I am sucking as a person He loves me enough to show me where I need to change. And that’s real Love guys.


Keep On Living!!


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