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Why We Should Not Have An Alter Ego?

Alter  Ego

A while ago I watched a video one of my favorite youtubers made (with everything I’m going to say I am not speaking badly about her, she is still one of my favorites and I watch her videos all the time!!)

It was a video about getting out of a slump of a break up. But one of the things this youtuber said just rubbed me the wrong way. Granted she is not a Christian but it still did not sit right with me.

She talked about different ways to get over a break up. And they were all good until she talked about having an alter ego. A person that you become or turn into when you need to be different or when you need to get out of a slump. A person that is not you with a different name and does things you normally wouldn’t… ummmm that not right.

When I heard this I started feeling odd, and it’s been a while but to this day it doesn’t sit right with me.

Turning into someone you are not for a time?
Calling on it?
Eventually becoming that “person”?

Whether people realize it or not this is something super spiritual.

All this is to say that when you are going through a hard time do not call on an alter ego. Do not become something you are not to try or do things you normally wouldn’t do. Don’t pretend to be something you are not to show yourself and other that you can get passed this. Because it is not by turning into your alter ego for a night or two that you get over heartbreak or any tough time. Because when you go home you are you again and the slump is still the slump. By doing that you don’t have a better method to not get over the hurt but a way to mask and deny it until you lie to yourself that it doesn’t exist. And that is why you would have to eventually become that person because if you were your true self then you wouldn’t be able to lie about the feelings but you would have to deal with it.

Next time go through a heartbreak or a tough time don’t pretend to be some else but be yourself and deal with it, call on the Lord and He will help you though your tough times. And call your friends that’s one of the reason God gave you friends to call on them and be your true self with them, they’ll know how to cheer you up and won’t need you to become someone else to have fun with you.

Don’t become something you are not because these things will pass and you will get over it and you want to be real when you do.



Keep On Living



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