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5 Places I Want To Travel To


Places i want to go

So I have been really into traveling lately!!! Just going places, making trips, planning, dreaming! There are so many beautiful and exciting places I just want to put them all on the list!! But since I have to plan for a little at time I’m going to show you guys the five places I want to travel to in the next five years (in no particular order).

1. Costa Rica


What an amazing place…at least based on the pictures I’ve seen and the things I’ve heard. I want to move there for a month. I guess you can all it a month long vacation but I like to think of it as moving. Just a whole month of soaking up the sun, hiking the trails, hitting the beach, most importantly learn to surf!! And of course meeting some of the local people! Doesn’t that sounds amazing?!

2. Hawaii


Who hasn’t dreamed of going to Hawaii on vacation? I mean it’s one of the places everyone thinks of when you say tropical. But more specifically I want to visit Maui. I have heard that they have some of the most beautiful hiking trails and I have been dying to get my sneakers on them! Not only that but the culture I mean how amazing is it? I want to eat the local food, go to a luau, and learn to do the hula I mean how awesome would that be?!

3. Thailand


Thailand a country that holds my heart. I want to go there not just to see the beauty of the place all the breath taking sights, like Elephant National Park, or Ko Samet, or shop the street markets or the Pattaya Floating Market. I want to go to get to know the people! Sponsoring an 11 year old boy from Thailand I have found a love for that country that I can’t explain. And I want to get know the people and culture and just spend time loving on that country, even if for two weeks.



Honestly I’m not going to lie the only reason I have been dying to go to Bali is because of the elephants!! They are my favorite animal ever and every time I see Bali there is a picture of elephants! Like that is literally my dream. Being surrounded by a bunch of elephants for a week or two… yes please!!

5. Cape Town


Safari? Penguins at the beach? Not just that I want to go up Table Mountain; see the sights. Take a stroll though Bo-Kaap see all the houses and get to know the history.

Hopefull I’ll have posts about having gone to each these places in the near future!!!


Keep On Living Guys!!





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