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YFN 2016: Ruined For Normal

Ruined for Normal

Yesterday I flew out from Dallas to New Jersey and it was one of the most bittersweet times I have had. You see this summer I made family, and not just any kind of people are in this family. They are the funniest, sweetest, most dedicated, Holy Spirit seeking, listen and following the voice of the Lord bunch of individual I have ever met! I love every single one and would do anything for every single one. They captured my heart and showed me how much fun and how amazing life serving, and being around people are.

Now, you might be asking, “where in the world can you find such amazing people?” Well I found them at this place called Youth For The Nations. A camp where for 4 weeks teenagers from all over the country and the world come or tune in online to hear from and be touched by the Lord. The people I am talking about however are not the camper (although I know that they are just as amazing) but they were my classmates, the YFN staff. Them paired up with the Lord taught me so much about life, being a servant, a leader and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer with anyone else.

This summer especially the last two months have been hardest months I’ve had in the last three years to say the least. Where it was taking a lot for me to focus and to be okay. But with the Holy Spirit reminding me and using the services, and songs, and even just the YFN code, along with the amazing people He placed by my side for this I was able to keep going and break through my own thoughts and desires and hear the Lord for what I should do next.

There are many things I can say about my experience at YFN but honestly it does all sum up to the vision of YFN this year.

I have been forever Ruined For Normal!

My life will never be the same and I would never go back to where it was before doing YFN. I only realized these things and felt the full experience of that the last week and that makes me upset because if I could go back the only thing I would change is how I let my personal life affect what wonderful things God was trying to reveal, and do to and through me this summer. But even with that I would never change my decisions to stay for anything in the world. And I cant wait for what wonderfulness God has in store for all of us these next two semesters after this life changing summer before we go back and do it all again.



Keep On Living!!




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