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6 Things I Learned My First Year

It has been a week since school has started. A whole year I can’t barely even believe it myself. I left my home back in New Jersey and started on the path of making a life for myself a year ago, where  I wrote about what I learned while preparing to leave home for the first time. Now it’s been a very interesting year and just like you would imagine I learned a lot…

1.You still have a lot to learn.

No matter how old you are when you leave home for the first time you won’t know as much as you think that you do; especially if you are moving out of state or country. It really is a big world out there but don’t let that scare you. Take it as a positive learning experience where you’ll get to learn from others, your new environment, and from your own experiences both the successes and failures. While that is happening take it all in with a positive mind and attitude. It’s the only way to make the experience a good one.

2.It’s not all about friends.

I take the friendships I have seriously and always try to have people like me even if we are not friends. But when starting out at a new school or a new place in general I learned to not focus on making friends. Not saying to not make friends because you should. Be friendly and kind, please, but don’t make your world revolve around this. As the year goes on you will see that the people that you truly click with and the ones that are suppose to be your friends in the end will be. Don’t stress it! The people you meet the first week will not always be the people you are close to at the end, and that is perfectly okay. And speaking of that do not think that you have to be friends with someone because you met them that first week because you are not obligated to be friends with anyone you don’t feel comfortable being around. Again be friendly and kind and make friends but you do not have to be best friends with everyone you meet!

3.Be organized

I cannot stress this enough. Organization is key for everything, especially living on your own. Write it down in a planner (buy a planner guys seriously!!), on your phone calendar and make sure to check it everyday. Write down everything, your class schedule, work schedule, special assignments due, and even little things like cleaning your apartment or laundry day. It helps you know how much time you have for everything in your day. And try to follow the schedules, I mean I know life gets in the way and sometimes you can’t follow and you have change and reschedule but if you don’t have to change it don’t.

4.Make time for yourself!!

School. Work. Doctors. Running to the bank. Getting your car fixed. Helping others. In the hustle and bustle of life sometimes we forget that we need to breath. Especially after moving out on your own or leaving your home state for school you are in charge to take care of everything in your life. But that doesn’t mean that you have to use all your time to do work or get stuff done. Take a day, a couple of hours, to relax and recharge. Make time to do the things you love to do every week. It’s the only way that you won’t drive yourself crazy stressed and end up making the experience of making a life for yourself a drag.

5.Change can be hard

I believe that no matter how old you are once you move to somewhere new being on your own is going to be difficult. Especially that first year because we all want change and change is good but change is hard! So know that you are doing the right thing, know not in your brain and in your heart  but in your spirit. Have peace in your spirit that it is what you should be doing. Don’t do things based on emotions because feelings pass and you don’t want to make a decision based on the feelings of happiness or sadness about leaving because the feelings change. But the feelings will go to show you how much you love but didn’t know it because you were around it so much. But again don’t reacted based on it because if it’s the wrong decision the feeling of knowing that you reacted wrong is worse then the feeling sad about the change.

6.It’s all about trust

Moving is all about trust. Trusting in the Lord! Knowing that if He has put a desire and a peace within you for it do it, whether it’s moving for school or because it’s time for you to move on, He will take care of you. When you feel alone, or when you think that you won’t have enough money to pay all those bills, or that you are not good enough for what you are doing or where you are, trust that the Lord has you and you will be and do great.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.- Jeremiah 29:11


There are so many things I learned but you would be sitting there reading for as long it it look me to learn them.
I’m excited for the journey ahead and to learn a whole bunch of new things and I’m sure I will. I’ll let you guys in on them along the way.


Keep On Living!!


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