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I’m Pro-Life: Not Just Because I’m a Christian


Last week it seemed like every 10th post on my Instagram was about the rights of women. I’m not going to lie I usually scroll on by and keep my comments to myself but I came across a post that caught me eye as a Christian so I started reading it but I kept on reading “from the motherly part of me”.

Here is the post by Alitzah Stinson (@alitzahstinson) :


When I first saw this picture I am not going to lie I got a little heated. In my head, I was imagining me standing in front of these girls and saying something along the lines of “And if your mother had aborted you maybe there wouldn’t be so much stupid in the world” (I know very Christian of me). So I started reading in hopes that Alitzah was going to speak out against it.

But as I read I was touched, taken aback, and came to a realization; for me, the fight against abortion is more than a religious stand. Don’t get me wrong I am a Christ follower and because of that I love what God loves, which is life. So as a Christian yes I am pro-life because the fact is that even science has already proven that life begins at conception, so a baby in the womb is alive, removing it is killing that life and I don’t stand for that.

But it is deeper than that.

I am pro-life because reading Alitzah’s post reminded me of something I had forgotten about my own life.
I used to have problems with my uterus that would make it very hard to impossible to have a baby. One day I was cured, the Lord cured me. I was given the opportunity for when I get married and my husband and I decide we are ready or if it happens even before we decide, I can have kids. And I am not going to lie, over the past couple of years I have been sitting here saying how I don’t want a baby ever because it’s a little terrifying, but
Alitzah’s post lovingly made me see how dumb I have been. Her post reminded me of how precious it is to have the opportunity and ability to have a baby. Something I myself have forgotten that it can be very difficult.
** Now I know what you might think “How can she really know? She was so young and wasn’t even thinking about having children. There is no way she could really know.” And yes I know that the thought of and actually going through it is different but to know that before the Lord did what He did there wasn’t even a chance and that is enough.**

And lately I have been praying and speaking up against abortion but I never realized how real it is. Just like Alitzah there are hundreds of women all over America who are having difficulties having babies and here we are fighting for the right for women who are given the opportunity to stop it.
Even if you don’t want to have a baby for whatever reason it is that doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone out there who would love to have a baby even if it is not their own flesh and blood.

I’m pro-life because there are brave and beautiful women who are not able to give birth but are able and willing to mother.

I’m pro-life because there are women who shed tears of sorrow for losing their own before it is born but can shed tears of joy once they get to hold the child they get finally take home even if it is not their own blood.

I’m pro-life because babies need to have the chance to live and women need to have the chance to be mothers.

I am pro-life because even though I was young and was not thinking about it at that time I was one of those women.

I’m pro-life because these babies need a chance to a life and there are families who are willing to give it to them.

**I just want to say that if you had an abortion you are not a bad person. I do not hate or look down on anyone who has I look you with love because I love you and most importantly the Lord loves you. And I hope that you can see this post as more than a Christian girl’s opinion but as a girl who might have forgotten for a little bit but never will again even the thought of what is the reality of wanting to but not being able**

I want to thank Alitzah for her courage, and making me realize how easily I can forget and how much deeper things are than I realize. Your story changed how I look at this and made me want to fight more for life. You are beautiful and I appreciate you and love you very much! Always in my prayers!

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lordthe fruit of the womb a reward.
-Psalm 127:3


Keep On Living!!!






11 thoughts on “I’m Pro-Life: Not Just Because I’m a Christian

  1. I just want to applaud your courage and bold voice. This definitely isn’t any easy topic to publicly cover, which just goes to show how important it means to you. And you did such an amazing job of laying this out in a very loving way while simultaneously expressing how incredibly important it is to choose life! Thank you for such a great reminder and for speaking out!

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  2. Courageous post Brenda!
    I believe the same as you, every life is precious. Even the lives who created that sign. I’m praying that they come to know the love of the Lord.

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  3. As a Christian, I too was horrified by the women in that picture, but as a woman who can’t have children, I also mourn the babies I would have gladly raised. In fact, my daughter is adopted. We were able to find an agency that was less expensive and our process was very quick, but it was still $36,000 and took years to save. And God’s hand was all over the process for us which was really cool. But we could never afford to give her a sibling.

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    1. Jennifer, I am in awe of your bravery and courage! I am so happy to hear that you got the opportunity and pray that it comes again for you and your family! I wish that adoption was easier and my hope is that is become easier as more women decide to have the babies and give them to brave beautiful women in wonderful families (like yours) so they can have those opportunities. And even for me, my dream is to be able to adopt about four kids to give them the life that they deserve. I am just thankful that there are people like you who are already doing that! God bless you and your family greatly, and that He pours out more of His infinite love on you guys everyday!

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  4. I really love this post! My website has a section on Pro-Life issues and I would love to have you contribute! This is such a vital topic for today! Thank you for being a brave and bold voice for those who have none.

    God bless,

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    1. Hi Patty,
      Thank you so much for considering me! It would be a wonderful honor and I would gladly accept the opportunity to contribute to your blog on this topic. Yes, it is a very important topic and one that many don’t like to talk about, if I’m being honest until this post I didn’t either. Like I said in the post I always kept my comments to myself because I didn’t want to start a “fight” with someone over the internet. But this one girl’s post changed that for me! We go around talking about all these things and “fight for the good cause” but we forget that it is so much deeper and we need to dig deep to find out why we are fighting. Her post, it changed me and I thank God for that. Thank you so much again!


  5. I think I have been guilty of thinking abortion is something I assumed affected other people until a friend from high school told me she had three abortions. She regrets everyone of them and sought forgiveness. Because of those experiences she truly knows what Christ’s Redemption is all about. But it taught me a lot about how to approach and discuss this issue that affects so many.

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    1. Yes I completely agree, and I’m go glad God gave you that friend. Her story must be beautiful!!! I am no expert on how to speak to people about it but I believe that it’s just like every other subject that can bring guilt, shame, pride, fear, or anger into the person’s life it can only be spoken about with love as the base of our conversations. Because loves casts out all fear,so for everyone effected both directly and indirectly that is the only way! 🙂


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