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Revenge Body

revenge-bodyOne show that I have been loving to watch this year is Revenge Body on E! Granted I’m not too crazy about some of the reasoning behind it, like the whole picking someone to get revenge on with a new amazing body, but I do love watching the journey that these men and women take to have a better healthier life. Watching them find a confidence and a joy because they are taking care of themselves and starting a lifestyle that will keep them healthy is so inspirational.

One of my favorite episodes by far is the one with Jamie Lamb. She is tall and beautiful and has an amazing personality but what got me about her episode is that before meeting Khloe she is shown going to the restaurant and getting food and she went and sat alone and while she was eating people in the restaurant were staring at her watching her eat and commenting to the point where she turned to a table of girls and called them out on it. Like many, Jamie was an emotional eater and people staring at her and judging her made her feel bad about herself even if she didn’t let them know that at the time.

When I saw that I had to hit pause and I started bawling. Because I began thinking how many times I had probably done that or had seen people do that to someone and after seeing Jamie and her reaction to the situation afterward it made me realize that we don’t know people’s lives.

We don’t realize how much something like a look can change someone’s day. How our words that we don’t think people can hear can affect their self-esteem.

We sometimes see people like Jamie (the way she was then, because her transformation was amazing) and we think some of the most horrible and rude things and look that them with (maybe without even noticing it) a look of disgust, and we think that we are being discreet and that people can’t tell, but they can.

We judge them instead of getting to know them.

It could turn someone’s day around to have someone ask if they can sit with them and have a conversation with a complete stranger who wants to get to know them for their personality and not judge them for what they see on the outside.

I’m not saying this so we sit down with people and try to make them our best friends and have them tell us all their life secrets but when we show people kindness instead of hate we will be able to make the world a better place.

We need to only speak highly of others because we don’t know what how deeply our negative words and looks can affect them. But also we might think that by commenting on someone else (either with or without our words) we are just speaking of a fact, or stating our opinion but it might be just giving you a bad name. We don’t realize that when others see us doing that they most of the time are not looking at the person we are talking about but are looking at us with disapproval and sadness that we felt the need to judge someone else.

This past week was National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and I want this post to promote love for one another. Eating disorders are not just non-eating types but also overeating. And as a person who was an emotional non-eater in a way, I can understand the hurt that you get from looks. So let us love each other and not look at the outward appearances but get to know one other for who we are on inside. Become friends with each other, learn to trust each other, and have someone to share with. Now I’m not saying to pry into people’s personal lives or even that you have to become besties with them but if the least you can do is look at others with love and kindness even if you never say a word that could be enough.

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.- Romans 12:10


Keep On Living!!!!!

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