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Mondays For Jesus: Free From It All


For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. – Galatians 5:1

This last week the Lord has really been putting this word on my heart: Freedom!

Sometimes we look at freedom and it is something we say but it is a hard concept to grasp. Where we understand that because of Christ we are free but we still believe that there are areas in our lives that we are still tied down in. For me, that was what the Lord was trying to explain that I knew what the Word was saying but I still felt stuck, except this time it wasn’t based on my own actions but on the ones of others toward me and what they said about me, however, I did not know that before He told me.
We sometimes feel tied down or chained by things we don’t even realize all we know is that for some reason in this area we are “stuck” and can’t do anything about it, but we can’t have that mindset. Whether we know the area or not, whether if it’s from our own doing or of others, we cannot go back to that mindset of being in bondage in even one area of our life because the truth is that bondage no longer exists.If we believe and declare the freedom in our lives we will no longer be tied down or stuck.

So I challenge you today!
Ask the Lord “where is it in my life that I feel tied down?”
Whether by your own actions or those of others toward you, ask the Lord to make it clear to you. And then speak this verse over yourself, over that area.

I’ll tell you guys mine.
The Lord brought this up for me because I didn’t why the plans He was telling me to go forward with I felt so discouraged by, why I felt like “Yeah, I can do this because The Lord said yes.” and in the same day would feel like “Why am I wasting my time?”. The Lord showed me it was because there was a small part of me that I felt stuck in because I believed I didn’t deserve what the Lord was saying for the wonderfulness that will come from this path that He has told me to walk in. Then He also showed me that this was not my own doing but the doing of the negativity of others in my life. Words they said to me and the negativity in their action internally toward me. And that’s when the Lord kept telling me for days (literally for like five days in a row everything I saw or was told was about freedom) until I finally accepted it. And it may have only been a few days but there is such a light, peaceful, loving, assured, confident feeling I have now in this area.

You are free from your old actions, your old thoughts, and from whatever negativity that is thrown your way to try and tie you down!! Remember that and

Keep On Living!!!!


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