Mondays for Jesus

Mondays For Jesus: Enjoy The Journey


It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.
– Ursula K. Le Guin

Sometimes in our life God gives us the gift of being able to see the destination or end of the journey we are on. This is amazing, for a person like me that loves to skip to the end so I know what to expect. The only problem (on our part, not God’s) is that when God lets us see the future and a part of what the end of the plan for our future looks like we start to freak out.
We take the information God has given us for the purpose of encouraging us to keep on keeping on with the dreams that He Himself has placed in us and we use it to stress about the end. What God had given us as motivation we add negativity to. Instead of looking at it and saying “Yes that is exactly what I want. Lord, help and show me what You want me to do so I can get to that place you showed me”, we say “Wow that looks great but I can’t do that. I’m not good enough and I’m underqualified for that” or we say “Okay yeah I can do that” and then stress out becauseΒ we set expectations that unrealistic. (Now don’t get me wrong I am a firm believer of “if your dreams aren’t big then they aren’t God dreams” but we can not expect to start a business today and in three months be making 100,000 because unfortunately, that is not how it works.)

Which brings me to my point, we sometimes get so excited about the end that we forget that before we get there, there actually is a journey we have to take. One that will grow us both in the area that we are going into and in our personal lives.
And that the length of this journey will be different for every person but no matter how long it is while you are in it seems like years because it takes time to get to the end no matter if your journey is 5 minutes or 5 years.

So today instead of looking at the end and stressing thank God for it and all the wonderful things that He will do before and once you get there. Then enjoy the journey!

Keep On Living!!!


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