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Believe What You Hear

Hey, there beautiful people!!

This week I was thinking a lot about what I am doing with my life! Sometimes it can be very hard to believe that what you are wanting to do is actually what you are supposed to do. And personally as a Christian sometimes I question if I am hearing His voice.

It can start to feel like you got it all wrong, at least sometimes I do.
Because honestly, the things that we are supposed to be and meant to be doing are the things that seem the craziest. The things that seem to make the least sense to everybody else but us, and honestly even sometimes to us!

But I read something this week that took all my doubting thoughts and feelings of settling for something else that turned that all around.

God rarely gives you a dream that matches your budget, He’s not checking your bank account, He’s checking your faith.

This little quote changed the game for me this week! Because I don’t know about you but I usually get the most uncertain of the dream I’m chasing or if I am hearing God’s voice when I look at my bank account. Or when I am thinking about how impossible it seems to make income or how long it may take to get to a stable place.
But this dream still burns in my heart and the Lord always shows me how amazing He is, providing for me every time.

So I write this because if you have a dream or if you are on a path that seems crazy and others are telling you that you need to be more realistic. If you look at your dream and you can see it but there are difficulties in the way that you don’t think you can get through. Keep on! Keep fighting! Keep growing!
Just because it seems unrealistic, too difficult, impossible, or something that you think you are not good enough to do doesn’t mean that you heard Him wrong; in reality that probably means you heard Him right. Because if your dreams are all those things but you still feel a peace, joy, and see a bright future in it that means that is what you are meant to do.
Have you ever heard the quote “If your dreams don’t seem impossible then they aren’t God’s dreams for you”? Well, it’s true!! Don’t doubt it. Believe you heard Him right and

Keep On Living!!!


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