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The Problem With Praying For Our Future Husband: Part 2


Last week I wrote a post called The Problem With Praying For Our Future Husbands: Part One where I talked about how when we ( I ) pray we end up praying for what we want him to look like and how we want to be treated and to feel but seem to forget to do the same for them.  Today’s post is going to be a continuation of that.

How we feel about ourselves can be more important than we think.
What believe about ourselves, and what we believe we deserve.

We talk so much about self-love and loving others like ourselves, but what happens when we do love others as we do ourselves but don’t love ourselves very much or believe we don’t deserve to be loved?

That same day (from the last post) when I was praying, God also made me realize something else. Personally (going to get real personal here), I have never felt that I deserved to feel the love, marriage kind of love, a part of God’s love for me, that I won’t know unless I’m married.

**Side Note: I’m not saying that I won’t feel God’s love unless I’m married. I am saying that just like every part of Him I will never fully experience ALL of God’s love because it is endless and there is so much of it, it’s unexplainable and beautiful, and perfect. And a part of His love He will let me experience as a married woman is a different part of Him that I will get it see, but that doesn’t mean that without getting married I won’t feel any part of God’s love. **

While there in that realization instead of feeling pity for myself I felt inclined to change and just like the first part of my prayer I stopped thinking of myself.

The problem I find when we pray for our future husbands is if we do not believe that we deserve that kind of love than without even realizing it we are saying we don’t believe that our future husbands don’t deserve that love either.

Like I said the last post “we cannot expect for our future men to show us love if we don’t show them love back”. I talked so much about how we need to pray for us to love our future husbands as much as we pray for them to love us but and along with that we need to ask “do we believe we deserve that love?” Because if we don’t then we need to ask God why and work through that before we can start praying for our future husbands.

That love we want to give and receive will only come if we first believe we deserve it.

Trust me we deserve it. Everyone deserves it.

That is why we need to believe we deserve love, because if we don’t believe it for ourselves and end up loving our future husbands like ourselves we will not be giving them the full capacity of that love because somewhere deep down we will believe they don’t deserve it because that’s what we believe about ourselves.

The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”
– Mark 12:31


Keep On Living!!!


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