Hey there, Beautiful People!!!

This is the Disclaimer for my blog Just Living For Jesus!

I write lifestyle and Christian content, so anything read that does not agree with what you believe (especially religiously) is at your own free will.
I am a regular girl who likes to write about my experience with products, brands, and situations that happen in life. Everything that is written on Just Living For Jesus is my own personal opinion. I research and try everything that I write about to give you guys the most accurate experience and reactions from me. But I am not a professional so everything I say is based on my opinion of how it worked for me.

I reserve the right to change any post and update any opinion based on later experiences.

I do use pictures from websites that are under Creative Commons Zero, such as Unsplash, in some of my posts. I sometimes do post links to other blogs or websites who have absolutely inspired me from anything from food, home, lifestyle, fashion, and excreta, but anything that is not my own I always link back and give credit to the original owner.

Again I stress that everything written on Just Living For Jesus by me, Brenda Silva-Torres, is my own opinion! I am not providing any professional medical, philological, and or psychological advice. Any information you read should be talked to with a professional in the area, researched on google, talked about with a friend or parent for a second opinion.
However, if you choose to not seek other opinions after reading any post you are doing so at your own risk and I am not responsible or am not liable for any loss, damages, any other consequences.

I promise that you will never be spammed by me and I will not be bombarding you with emails and will not be selling or distributing any of your information to anyone.

I reserve the right to change my blog (the look, the focus, to shut it down, or sell it) if I so choose; I also reserve the right to change this disclaimer at any time if I choose.
I reserve the right to delete any comment that I feel is rude, disrespectful, that has profanity, is offensive, or that I deem as spam if I so choose.

I do have affiliate links and sponsored posts on my site although not all links are, those that are will give me a small commission based on your purchase if you so choose.
I will never push on you to buy any product and everything in a post is based on my personal recommendation, but again you only buy if you choose too. Everything that I recommend on the site is based on my opinion and on my experience with the product and just because I like it doesn’t mean you have too, and any questions or information is be asked to the company, not to me.
Any actions that come from the advertiser or the sponsor I am not responsible for. If anything is purchased based on my recommendation please take all your questions, complains, or any other actions to the company and not Just Living For Jesus.

And to end, any letter, comment, email, response, questions, or feedback on the blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media may be used on the blog or social media, unless requested otherwise, for use(mostly to explain why it helped me grow).

Thank you so much for being a lovely reader. I appreciate you and for being here!


Keep On Living!!!