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To The Girl Who Wants To Chase Her Dreams

I just finished the book Wild & Free a couple of weeks ago and I am still completely and utterly taken aback by how this book made realize about how I think about myself and my dreams and by how much this book has changed my way of thinking. This is a letter to me,… Continue reading To The Girl Who Wants To Chase Her Dreams


Easter Decorations and Desserts

Easter is a time of celebration because we are celebrating life, the resurrection of Jesus! So because of this super exciting and wonderful holiday here are some decorations and desserts that are perfect for the celebration.   Decorations:  Printable Bible Verses to Frame These are super cute and cheap and easy. Find some printable verses… Continue reading Easter Decorations and Desserts


Some Of My Spring Essentials

Light Pink Bodysuit: H&M - $15 Forever21 - $13 Stelly  - $19   White Top: Express - $40 H&M - $18 Forever21 - $9   Blue Off-The-Shoulder/Cold Shoulder Top: Forever21 - $13 ASOS - $43 Charlotte Russe - $24    Grey T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters - $24 H&M - $13 Forever21 - $18    Yellow Floral Dress: Forever21 - $25 Zaful - $36 Stelly - $38    White and Black… Continue reading Some Of My Spring Essentials